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The DESEO project is a DeFi Token promoted by the community and launched in a fair way on May 15, 2021. The objective of this project is to help children without economic resources to receive gifts at Christmas and small grants during the year.



A project with a future

The DESEO Token, step by step, will incorporate all its potential into the Defi project that was born in May 2021 in order to improve the world. Currently DESEO is maintained thanks to the great community behind it, supporting every day. Every week there are more who join this movement and YOU WILL BE THE NEXT.

In the next few weeks we will add the charity store that will give all the benefits to the project, the incorporation of our OWN NFT DESEO GAME, and many surprises that will surprise you.


In each transaction a permanent TOKENS BURN of 2% is carried out, continuously decreasing the Supply. In addition, a quantity of tokens are sent monthly to BURN in a dead wallet to maintain stability.


In each transaction, 3% is distributed among all HOLDERS that support the project. It is an incentive to keep the funds within the project. You see your investment grow by staying within DESEO

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What we'll be up to in 2021

We are updating the ROADMAP, thank you very much for your patience. We will update it soon!


The change in your hands


Read these sections carefully and click on the one that best represents you.


We are always open to new collaborations by companies that want to join the DESEO project



We live in an era in which it is necessary to have the support of great INFLUENCERs to publicize projects like ours. If you are an influencer, this is your section.


A donation is opening your heart to help others. In this section you can learn about the different ways to help us with a donation.


During our tour we will make different collections of food, toys, school supplies and gifts, among other activities. And the participation of volunteers to help us will always be necessary.

Community Opinions

I became a DESEO holder from the first week of the project. I think he has a lot of long-term potential and his entire team is really nice people. More people should join this movement.
Maria Hernandez
User Telegram ( Spain )
We are delighted with the goal of this project. The idea of being able to contribute a grain of sand to change this world appeals to us. This shows that cryptocurrencies are not always about getting rich.
opinion- familia-smith
Familia Smith
User Twitter ( Colorado )
Overall it's a pretty good project. It is not to get rich in two days. But I like the way the team is treated and their bases are very strong. The objective of the project is realistic and that gives it strength.
Jorge Quintero
User Telegram ( Spain )
Get to this project through Youtube. I find it very interesting and I have been in it practically from the beginning. I follow this project closely and recommend it.
Conecta2 en Red

Binance and Trust Wallet / Metamask

You must register in BINANCE and acquire BNB to make purchases in Trust Wallet or Metamask


The second step is to send the purchased BNB to your wallets. This step is important and you have to make sure that we send it in BEP-20 "BinanceSmartChain"

How to buy on Pancakeswap


Enter Pancakeswap.finance

Here we will link our wallet with this trade. We will go to TRADE / EXCHANGE and select BNB (Up) and DESEO (Down). You must copy the DESEO contract and paste it in the box below.


Once the purchase is made, you will have your WISHES in your wallet. It is easy and simple. If you see it complicated, go to our tutorial in the main menu.




Frequently asked questions

The objective is simple, guarantee that children without resources can get a gift at Christmas, a change of clothes, utensils to study, among many other things. Our path is beginning but we have a long road to walk.

The founder of the project maintains a long activity in the world of cryptocurrencies. It was not until May 15, 2021 that he decided to launch a project. The experience we have is based on our own experiences as investors; in addition to those that we have acquired to date with the management of the DESEO project.

Nobody said it was easy, we even had some unfortunate mistake. But as we like to repeat well, we are 100% transparent and we learn from mistakes to stay active.

We believe that sincerity can guarantee the success of the project.

Currently the project is maintained thanks to the constant support of various members of the DESEO community. It is worthy of admiration all the affection that they add to this project.

But it is true that we must look to a future where we advance by our own means. That is why by the end of 2021 we will launch an NFT game in addition to a charity store from which we will donate all the profits to the project.

We plan to carry out different campaigns to collect food, clothing and school supplies to help hundreds of children without resources.

Currently the project can be purchased through Pancakeswap, Poocoin, Bogged, and Snowgeswap.
We do not rule out adding the project to larger businesses as the project progresses. We fully believe in the future of it and that we will mark an important trend in the crypto world.

Unlike many other cryptographic projects, those of us who are trying to lift this change, we stand up from minute one. We do not hide behind emoticons or avatars. We answer every message, every information call and we personally introduce ourselves to the businesses with which we have reached a collaboration.

Perhaps this is an important point when it comes to trusting our project. We do not have exclusive or massive marketing, as you well know, but we are growing little by little with quality holders. And soon, when the time comes, the project will fly very high.

We will try to keep the questions as up to date as possible.


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