DESEO’s objective is to help families without income to guarantee a Christmas gift to their children, school aid, clothing or whatever is necessary according to circumstances. All this under a prior study of condition that guarantees the need.




Our project was born with the idea of ​​changing the world. To create a purpose, an opportunity among society. If history has taught us anything, it is that small works are enough to change the course of it.

Every day new cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks appear offering futuristic and even surreal businesses and projects. And we see how thousands of people invest in them. So … why not invest in DESEO? A project with a civilized purpose.

Niño Pobre

At present one of the main objectives of any project is to help. For example CARDANO, an asset that promotes the sustainable cycle of nature. And like this, many more. Even charitable projects to help people with diseases, abandoned animals, endangered species, etc.

DESEO is not far behind on this journey, creating a milestone in reference to children’s aid.

The adoption of Cryptocurrencies

All new technology must find its way into the thoughts and ideologies of society. From the outset, we start from the point of view that the new does not work or does not establish a logical functionality. Blockchain chains are being adopted by society at a dizzying rate due to the recent movements created with Cryptocurrencies.

One of the biggest drawbacks that we find when using any cryptocurrency is based on its use or purposes. Many of the projects that currently exist are unattractive or null under the gaze of the traditional masses. It is true that for a few years they have been adding unprecedented value to the benefits of using the internet and all its components. Its long-term sustainability was questioned from its inception. But every day they continue to surprise how quickly they spread among citizens, being accepted as a good or as a value. Thus revolutionizing centralized and decentralized finance.



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The DESEO concept was born in May 2021 with the launch of the first contract. Currently, September 2021, we have updated the contract to a new address (0x34f7eb2636b2484c866bb206bb90e3ff4223b7dc) to fix errors made with v1, such as early resignation of the contract, FEE amounts, and automatic liquidity exclusion.

Project DESEO works to guarantee a more sustainable world in childhood. There are thousands of children without resources. They do not have school resources, Christmas gifts or clothes among many other options. In the project commissions, which can be seen in Tokenomics, it can be seen that we automatically allocate 1% of each purchase / sale to gifts.

DESEO was born from the beginning with the idea of giving gifts to underprivileged children at Christmas. These gifts would be worth $ 12 to $ 14 per gift. But, seeing the great demand for necessities that we have encountered, we have expanded to school products, study aids, clothing, food, among others.



We will have different types of apps with which to obtain income via advertising as well as a PlayToEarn to obtain WISHES by playing.


With the execution of different advertising contracts with companies we will obtain liquidity to promote the project: increase in liquidity, purchase of gifts, raffles, etc.


DESEO will invest in different projects in order to obtain extra and recurring income. These investments will be thanks to small contributions obtained through the Marketing Fee.


The project will accept donations to achieve the aims and objectives. These donations can be made through Paypal, Metamask wallet or transfers.


We have the objective of opening a direct channel of monthly contributions with volunteers who want to sponsor niches without resources. Your monthly fees will be used to maintain the stability of the sponsored child. We hope to sponsor more than 5000 children in the next 3 years.

Benefica Store

We will have a charity shop where all the profits will go to the project.

Investor appeal

We are working on creating a scholarship system in Axie Infinity

We have realized that in order to reach more people and make ourselves known as a strong and complete project, we must use trends.

We aim to create different scholarships in NFT games like Axie Infinity in order to help other people earn income, maintain our project and allocate part of the profits to children.

We want to create this type of project at 60/40% where 60% will be for the user with a scholarship in Axie Infinity. We will only accept users from families with low incomes or with severe financial problems.

Soon there will be more information about the scholarships on its specific page on the web.

Use of advertising by investors

Both on our website, applications created, events, we will sell advertising locations. This publicity will help keep the project going.

In addition, we will create different types of raffles where companies can offer products with us being the intermediaries.


We are working to create an operational NFT GAME for JANUARY 2022. Our NFT game will be geared towards Christmas. We will give more details soon.


We are creating NFTs to include them within different markets to obtain liquidity for our project. We currently have several collections created in OPENSEA [https://opensea.io/collection/monsterbobus], we invite you to see our work and to collaborate with DESEO.

All the benefits obtained from the NFTs will go to the project.

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